According to "fire control products in China market access to implement the mandatory product certification implementation rules for fire fighting equipment product certification", 2016 Su An fire all its production all 3 c authentication. Company on fire extinguishing agents composition analysis, spectrum analysis, pharmaceutical filling metal, multiple functions such as water content detection is equipped with necessary equipment, assembly in group bottle, drying, cleaning and sealing performance test, strength test, gas displacement, machining have strengthened the large amount of equipment, enterprises in safety production, production efficiency, product quality and so on various aspects have not had before some improve and perfect.

Su An fire firmly establish the concept of "quality first", continuously strengthen the overall, the whole process and comprehensive quality management and control work, to make our products always keep the advancement of technology, process and quality, build the industry's best extinguishing equipment professional supplier of products, make the enterprise in new economic era and all builders grow up together.

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