Power division was established in 2007, specifically for thermal power, hydropower, gas-fired power plants, nuclear power industry market, organize professional sales, technology, construction, systematic layout and business development.
Division since 2007, the successful completion of Guizhou Jinyuan Garden Power Generation Co. Ltd., GD Power Limited by Share Ltd of Jingmen power plant, Hubei Xiangfan Power Generation Co. Ltd., Shanghai Zhadian Gas Turbine Power Generation Co. Ltd., Datang Huxian second power plant, Xuzhou Dongfang thermoelectric Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Huadian Wujiang thermoelectric power project.

Taicang Su fire fighting equipment Co., Ltd. power division:

Address: two Taicang Road, Liuhe Town, South Gate No. 18 zip code: 215431 Tel: 0512-81605191, 81605190
Mr. Hu: 13816508709 Zou: 13962627004 mailbox: suanfire@126.com

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