Rail transit (Rail Transit) is a large volume, high speed, safety, punctuality, protect the environment, save energy and land and other characteristics of the mode of transport, referred to as the "Rail", including subway, light rail, maglev, city railway, tram, new traffic system etc.. All countries in the world generally realize that the fundamental way to solve the urban traffic problems lies in giving priority to the development of urban public transport system with rail transportation as the backbone.
In order to adapt to the rapid development of the domestic rail transit, 2014 railway division emerged, specifically for the rail transportation industry, market, sales, technology, construction, inspection, training, customer service system of business development. Division has successfully undertaken Yun Gui line stone Itabashi station, Yangzong station, opened by the station, high-speed rail station the line Yunnan station north; and auspicious clouds Funing County train station; station; Dongfeng Iron Cloud GUI - Shilin tunnel; cloud GUI - tunnel fire safety Napo iron project.

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