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  • 01Cold Calender Fire Department

    Modern aluminum, strip, foil cold rolling mill and foil rolling mill process lubricating oil, in a specific or accidental conditions may cause a fire, the rolling mill protection area fire hazard object mainly: underground oil reservoir area of ​​the oil and rolling mill rolling mill production line...

  • 01Spray Fire Department

    In recent years, with the rapid development of China''s economy, the most advanced level of coating technology and equipment has mushroomed in the country. Painting production process is very complex, different processes of fire risk difference is relatively large. Spray paint room and paint the dep...

  • 01Explosion Dust Fire Department

    Dust explosion, refers to the flammable dust within the limits of the explosion, the heat source (open flame or high temperature), the flame instantly spread throughout the mixed dust space, chemical reaction speed, while the release of a lot of heat, the formation of high temperature and very Large...

  • 01Ship Fire Department

    Ship fire protection is an important task of ship safety management.
    Mainly including the management of ship fire equipment, such as carbon dioxide system, carbon dioxide low pressure system, dry powder system, foam system.
    General equipment for the annual inspection, the need for inspection...

  • 01Railway Fire Department

    Rail Transit (Rail Transit) refers to the traffic volume, speed, security, punctuality, protection of the environment, energy conservation and land use and other characteristics of the mode of transport, referred to as "rail", including subway, light rail, maglev, Trams, new traffic system...

  • 01Power Division

    Power plant (power plant), also known as power stations, is the natural reserves of a variety of primary energy into electricity (secondary energy) of the factory. At the end of the nineteenth century, as electricity demand grew, people began to put forward the idea of establishing an electric power...


TaicangSuanFire Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 2004, with a registered capital of 10.1 million, it is one of the four flagship companies of taicang suan fire control group

Located in the mouth of the Yangtze river estuary, the gate of liuhe town, liuhe town, is adjacent to baoshan district, Shanghai. The factory covers an area of mo...


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