Great news! Beihai Chengde five continuous rolling test success!

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December 22, 2015 winter solstice, in the Tieshan Port Linhai Industrial Park North Sea Chengde cold rolling five continuous rolling workshop, Siemens Pu Rui Te engineers team and five rolling production team in the cold days is dry in full swing. 18:30 pm, when we share Tianlun, celebrate the festive season, five consecutive rolling mill came the exciting big news - the North Sea Chengde cold rolling project five consecutive rolling mill first roll test success! The mill is in good condition, the steel is 304, the raw material thickness is 2.70 x1240mm, the output specification is 1.25x1240mm, the whole roll thickness is within 3 microns, the coil is good, the coil is neat and the surface is of good quality.

The five-stand tandem cold rolling mill is designed and manufactured by Siemens Pu Ruite Company. The domestic equipment is made by China. The electrical equipment is supplied by Siemens. It is constructed and installed by China Nineteenth Metallurgy. The whole continuous continuous rolling process is designed. (AGC), plate control system (AFC) and automatic control (AFC), automatic control system (AGC), automatic control system (AFC), automatic control system (AFC), automatic control system Correction device (CPC), to ensure the thickness of the strip accuracy, shape quality and operation of coordinated and stable. Five continuous rolling high yield and high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, is the world's most advanced and most competitive continuous stainless steel cold-rolled production line.

At this point, the North Sea Chengde cold rolling project three DMS twenty roll single rolling, Pu Rui Te five rolling, two annealing pickling line has been fully put into operation, is expected to 2016 annual output will reach 900,000 tons. Cold rolled products since the beginning of this year since the market, with its thickness deviation is small, high precision, good tensile properties, coil plate type and the majority of users get a high degree of recognition. Single rolling, rolling and annealing acid pickling production line, marking the North Sea Chengde cold rolling has entered a stable mass production stage, can provide customers with more rich and better choice. Looking back on the development process, Chengde project construction production speed often refresh the industry a new record. Sincerity speed, swagger! Sincerity quality, like a table! Chengde people diligent work, forge ahead, the future will strive for China's stainless steel industry to make more and more contribution!

December 9, 2015, Chengde cold rolling project came the good news! Twenty roll mill breakthrough daily output of 1,000 tons!

It is understood that since the trial production since the cold-rolled steel mill clear company goals, the production of each class to strictly control, strictly regulate the rolling process and a variety of rolling index values set, and strive to rolling the best quality The product. Mill staff to achieve higher production goals, solidarity, the courage to forge ahead. In ensuring the safety of production under the prerequisite, adhere to the pursuit of high quality product quality and efficient production.

The daily output exceeded 1000 tons, also marks the line has stabilized the production line, for the next further heavy volume to prepare. Let us look forward to the hardy sincerity for us to bring more gratifying success!

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