Foshan Chengde stainless steel cold rolling project started

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Following the successful completion of the 1 million tons of cold rolling project in the North Sea, Chengde Ma non-stop, the North Sea Cheng Tak Nickel Co., Ltd. in Foshan, Foshan City, the establishment of new materials Co., Ltd. to build an annual output of 1.5 million tons of stainless steel cold rolling project. The project total investment of 2.8 billion yuan, the design annual output of 1.5 million tons, the product range covers 300 series, 400 series and 200 series of stainless steel. The company is located in Foshan Gaoming Cangjiang Industrial Park West Park, covering 300 acres. Foshan Chengde and Wuhan dry metallurgy, Fife (DMS, STEIN), Shanghai Baoxin, Pu Rui Te (PRIMETALS), CMI-UVK and many other well-known enterprises at home and abroad to build high-end stainless steel cold-rolled production line, Hospital industrial design, construction by the construction of China's 19 rule.
The project is divided into two phases: the annual production capacity is 750,000 tons. The main production lines include: an 18-roll six-stand cold-rolling mill, an annealing pickling line, an off-line leveling machine and supporting public auxiliary facilities. Among them, the eighteen-roll six-stand cold-rolling mill with continuous continuous head rolling process, is the world-class stainless steel cold rolling mill; annealing pickling unit with 200 m / min high-speed continuous annealing pickling, , Pull straight train line. Project output of high-end environmentally friendly stainless steel cold-rolled strip with finished products, widely used in construction, machinery parts, auto parts, home appliances spare parts, kitchen utensils, medical equipment, chemical containers, high-speed rail ships and aviation and other fields.

Foshan Chengde new materials company in the North Sea Chengde cold rolling on the basis of successful experience, the introduction of the world's advanced level of stainless steel rolling mill and high-speed continuous annealing pickling line, to achieve high yield and high efficiency, greatly energy efficiency; Natural gas for energy, to achieve green production. At the same time, the production of all industrial waste water to achieve advanced treatment reuse and zero emissions system, to create a resource-saving and environment-friendly green stainless steel enterprises.

At present, Foshan Chengde New Material Co., Ltd. has completed the preliminary preparatory work, in October 10, 2016 officially launched an annual output of 1.5 million tons of stainless steel cold rolling project, plans to be completed in October 2017 put into operation.

Background Information - Beihai Chengde Nickel Industry Co., Ltd

North Bay International Port Group (Guangxi Autonomous Region directly under the large state-owned enterprises) and Foshan Chengde Special Steel Co., Ltd. jointly formed the North Sea Cheng Tak Nickel Co., Ltd., North Sea Chengde Metal Rolling Co., Ltd. and the North Sea Chengde Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., Is located in Beihai City Tieshan Port Linhai Industrial Park, covering more than 3,500 acres, the total investment of more than 130 billion yuan, the total production of 3.4 million tons of nickel-chromium alloy blank, now has an annual output of 2.5 million tons of stainless steel slab, 3 million tons of hot rolled coil, 1 million tons of cold rolled coil production capacity, is the first from the red nickel ore smelting to nickel-chromium alloy plate cold-rolled products of the whole process of the whole process, the project technology and equipment are achieved At home and abroad with the industry advanced level, environmental protection and energy saving facilities to meet national environmental standards, Guangxi is the largest nickel-chromium alloy production enterprises.

Among them, the North Sea Cheng Tak Nickel Co., Ltd. invested 7.5 billion yuan, the project was completed in 2011 put into operation, Guangxi is the largest special steel smelting one of the main products for the nickel-chromium alloy slab. With the largest domestic specifications of the first 180m2 nickel-chromium ore sintering production line; refining furnace gas purification system using the industry's advanced dry bag dust removal technology; refining furnace, casting to take the whole casting process, the first domestic first high-carbon roof The end of the composite blowing technology, the water cycle rate of 100%; and Xi'an Jiaotong University to build the first set of domestic AOD furnace waste heat power plant; has completed the current domestic largest 36MVA (megawatt) mine 2, the " Industrial structure adjustment guide catalog encouraged class "listed rotary kiln - submerged furnace (RKEF) process technology. The whole production process layout is compact, the process is short, the heat utilization efficiency is high, the whole hot heat is sent, belongs to the one-stop centralized production mode, now has the annual production capacity of 1.6 million tons of nickel-chromium alloy billet production capacity.

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