Taicang Su An fire equipment co., LTD., founded in 2004, the four wonders in taicang Su An fire control group one ship company, located in taicang city along the Yangtze river estuary LiuHe town gate south industrial zone, adjacent to Shanghai baoshan district, the factory covers an area of more than 14200 square meters, production and office buildings for more than 8600 square meters. The company believes in the aim of improving the products with technology, and insists on the core competitiveness of the core technology.

The company is specialized in producing and selling all kinds of fire-fighting equipment, integrating scientific research, manufacturing, complete equipment supply, international trade, design, installation and installation, maintenance and maintenance as one of the large-scale comprehensive enterprises. The main products are Marine carbon dioxide fire extinguishing installation, high and low carbon dioxide gas fire extinguishing system, land use HFC - 227 ea of seven fluorin propane gas extinguishing (2.5 Mpa pressure storage, 4.2 Mpa pressure storage) pipe network system, and free of pipe network, hanging of seven fluorin propane fire extinguishing device, IG541 clean gas fire extinguishing system, automatic fire extinguishing system kitchen fire extinguishing system, precision machinery, outdoor starter, pressure mouth, fireproof doors and Windows, fire shutter fire control products, etc.

The company's products

throughthe Ministry of

public securityfire products

conformity assessment center

compulsory certification

The quality management system

of the company

is certifiedby China Classification Society

Quality Certification Company

The company's products through

the national fixed fire

extinguishing system and

fire components, quality supervision

and inspection center testing certification

Marine high-pressure carbon

dioxide fireextinguishing

system is certified by China

Classification Society

In the period of insurance the insured are defective, resulting in the use of the product, the consumer or the third

party personal injury, illness, death or loss of property, the victim in the insurance period the insured claim damages,

the insurer is responsible for compensation according to the insurance contract.

The liability limit for each accident is RMB 2 million

The company believes in the aim of improving the products with technology, and insists on the core competitiveness of the core technology. Fluid with xi 'an jiaotong university laboratory Su An r&d center established a strategic partnership of science and technology, and with the domestic special industry research institute and the application in fire control products in major fire companies a large number of scientific research cooperation. At the same time, the company has a large number of senior technical talents in old, middle and green generations, and under their efforts, the products of enterprises are constantly innovating. We have established sales and service organizations in 32 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government and key cities in the whole country, so as to design, construct, serve and maintain the services for customers. Su An fire determined pursuit of perfect products for customers and perfect application solutions, willing to work with the same industry hand in hand to create a more perfect fire protection industry in China, in the international fire market jointly set the stage of international brand made in China. All the suan people will work hard and hard, with hard work hands and wisdom to build an aircraft carrier su 'an.

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