Yungui high-speed rail officially opened

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Yungui high-speed rail, as the country "long-term railway network planning" trunk railway Yungui high-speed rail, Yunnan Province, the longest mileage, the highest standards, covering the largest county, the largest investment in railway projects. From Kunming South New Railway Station to the East via the Red River, Wenshan, Baise to Nanning Station. The total length of 710 km, of which 434 km in Yunnan Province, Guangxi section of 276 km, the total estimated total of 89.92 billion yuan, of which the total amount of 30.958 billion in Guangxi estimates, infrastructure design speed of 250 km / h, the project by the Ministry of Railways, Yunnan Province, Guangxi joint venture construction, was December 27, 2009 started construction period of 6 years, is expected to be completed in 2015.

2016 years after the full line of production after the Yunnan-Guangxi high-speed rail and the South-Guangzhou high-speed rail composed of Guangzhou to Kunming high-speed railway, the whole line length of 1287 kilometers, 200-250 kilometers per hour will Kunming. Nanning. Guangzhou 8 hours access, while docking Xiamen and coastal railway radiation Xiamen And Haikou and other regions.

Happy train out of Yunnan and Shanghai high-speed rail, Yunnan-Guangxi railway opening operation (Photos)

Source: Yunnan net

Yunnan Network News (Reporter Yang Zhigui) speed of 300 km - CHR380A high-speed rail car hit a silver away. December 28 at 10 o'clock, three rows of passengers loaded high-speed rail EMU at the same time from the newly completed Kunming South Railway Station to Guiyang, Nanning, Yuxi, marking the Yunnan into the high-speed rail era, into the national high-speed rail.

Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail is the national "long-term railway network planning" in the "eight vertical and eight horizontal" one of the fast passenger transport channel, east of Shanghai, west to Kunming east to west railway line, is the longest east and west line The province's most high-speed railway. Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail operation to Yunnan into the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other economic circle has brought a major opportunity for tourism in Yunnan to bring new opportunities for the Yunnan tourism to draw "Herd Journey."

Kunming to Yuxi rapid railway operation, so that the national "thirteen five" plan in the Yunnan city group Kunming, Qujing, Yuxi, Chuxiong and other places to achieve a 1.5 hour economic circle. Starting from Kunming, to Yuxi the fastest 30 minutes to Qujing, Chuxiong 90 minutes to reach, which for the completion of Yunnan for South Asia, Southeast Asia radiation center laid the foundation for the realization of "along the way" along the national transport infrastructure interconnection and so on Has an important role in promoting. Yungui Railway to Yunnan people from the plateau to the sea dream is no longer far away. The opening of its opening will further strengthen the Yunnan and Guangxi, the Pearl River Delta region's economic ties, to accelerate the Pan-Pearl River Delta region to provide a strong economic transport capacity support.

Mo sigh far away from home, from a foreign land if neighbors. Tea Horse Road, to the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway, to the Shanghai-Kunming Railway, Nanning-Kunming Railway, and then to Yunnan high-speed rail, Yunnan traffic history has gone through nearly a thousand years.

Happy to write on everyone's face. Early in the morning, Kunming South Station West Square placed a wide variety of flowers, Yunnan 25 ethnic minority people full of joy mood, come to experience the first trip high-speed rail car. In the West Square, the Yunnan ethnic minority hand in hand, singing the Yunnan folk song "distant guests please stay", the Naxi representative played the "Naxi Walking"; Yi boys and girls jumped cheerful "left foot dance "... ... into the Kunming South Railway Station bright and spacious waiting area, the national masses can not bear the joy of the heart, and the railway" Golden Flower "passenger enjoy singing and dancing. Hani beautiful "Hani Le", Tibetan cheerful smooth "string dance", attracting a large number of passengers stop to watch.
10, the door slowly closed. Start, speed, silver white G4136 times "Harmony" train, fly out of Kunming South Railway Station, running all the way.

Yunling earth high-speed Mercedes-Benz motor car, into a happy ocean.

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