Xiangshuihe Coal Group strives to be the five

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Zhangye City, Xiangshuihe Coal Industry Group Corporation is a collection of coal mining, washing, coal gangue comprehensive utilization as one of the large coal enterprises, with annual production of 300,000 tons of coal, washing coal 1.2 million tons, 400,000 tons of coal, Coal gangue sintered brick 60 million production capacity. Group Party branch was established in 2001, is set up two party branches, 48 members, 95% of the party members for the group of senior management personnel and technical backbone.

First, adhere to the party building and grasp the team building a combination of unity and entrepreneurship model. The party branch of the company has insisted on building a high-quality leading group and party members and staff as the core tasks of the party building, vigorously pursuing the leadership team "two-way entry, cross-serving", clear the party's political core, the board decision center, manager team The daily production and operation of the command center of the duty system, the company's seven members of the board of directors and the members of the subsidiaries are all party members, created a political strong, fine business, understand business, management, innovation and leading cadres. The party branch of the company has established a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise through the strict implementation of the "customs clearance", "management" and "education".

Second, insist on grasping the party building and grasp the economic benefits of combining, to do the work of the pacesetter. Group Party branch always adhere to the center, the overall situation, enhance enterprise efficiency as the basic purpose of grasping the party building work, has created 16 "party members post" and "party member responsibility area", in the main technical positions to carry out the "division Only to help with activities "to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force. As of 2012, the Group has been completed coal preparation, briquette, building materials and other four subsidiaries, annual sales income reached 1 billion yuan, the completion of the tax more than 50 million yuan.

Third, adhere to the party building and grasp the safety and cultural construction of the combination of safe production to do the pacesetter. Safety is the lifeline of coal enterprises, Zhangye City, Shuituihe Coal Group Party branch from the standard operating behavior, and strengthen safety training to start, and constantly strengthen the safety concept, safety behavior and safety system culture, built 28 safety production rules and regulations for The main content of the security system. The company owned the mine for 18 consecutive years did not occur safety production accidents, has access to "Gansu Province in 2004 the quality of standardized model mine", "Gansu Province in 2004 A-level mine", the National Development and Reform Commission "2005 annual production of advanced coal mine" Gansu Province, the production of advanced coal safety units, "" Gansu Province in 2008 the safety of production 1,000 days advanced unit "" 2009 Gansu Province, more than 1,000 days of advanced production safety units, "" Gansu Province, more than 4,000 advanced production safety units, "the honorary title.

Fourth, adhere to the party building and grasp the harmonious combination of enterprise construction, as the service of the pacesetter. Over the years, Zhangye City Xiangshui River Coal Group Party branch always adhere to human management, for the workers for the benefit of social responsibility, the wages of workers every year by 18% of the rate of rapid growth in 2011, the average monthly wage of 5,000 Above the yuan. The implementation of full staff free meals, migrant workers every day to pay a pound of meat, the monthly distribution of labor protection supplies, the annual release of 2 sets of uniforms and a set of high-end suits. The construction of staff residential quarters, the difficulties encountered by the families of workers each year to give 10,000-20000 yuan difficult subsidies. Organize staff every year and organize 15-20 employees to Nanjing, Beidaihe wash lung care. To the family at home to manage the leadership of the company and the owners of miners pay wages and pension insurance and other initiatives to solve the workers to worry about, to create a harmonious enterprise laid a solid foundation. Party branch to actively improve the benefits of internal staff at the same time, urging enterprises to actively fulfill their social responsibility, set up 6.5 million yuan of coal group charitable help fund, has been to help and help difficult workers, workers 13 children, Salvage $ 550,000. Through these specific and vivid initiatives, the company not only promoted the image of the group company, demonstrated the spirit of all the staff, but also enhanced the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party organization, thus promoting the development of the enterprise.

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