High pressure water mist extinguishing system

    Fire extinguishing mechanism of high pressure water mist fire extinguishing system

1. high efficiency cooling effect: because of the small diameter of fog droplets, the diameter of fog is 10~100 m. During the process of vaporization, a large amount of heat is absorbed from the combustion surface or fire area. At 100 degrees centigrade, the latent heat of vaporization is 2257kJ/kg, and the water temperature at each nozzle (water jet speed 0.133L/s) is about 300KW. Experiments show that the smaller the diameter, the greater the amount of heat absorption per unit area of water mist, the faster the droplet velocity and the smaller the diameter, the higher the heat transfer rate.
2. choking effect: water mist sprayed into the fire, the rapid evaporation of steam, the volume of rapid expansion of 1700~5800 times, reduce oxygen volume fraction, around the burning of a barrier, blocking the inhalation of fresh air. With the rapid evaporation of water, the content of water vapor will increase rapidly, and at the same time, the oxygen content will decrease when the space around the fire source is reduced to 16% ~ 18%. In addition, the non burning area of the fire site does not vaporize, and the oxygen content in the air does not change, and does not endanger the life of the personnel.
3. radiant heat barrier effect: high pressure water mist sprayed into the fire after the steam formed by the evaporation of rapid combustion, flame and smoke barrier, it has excellent capability of thermal radiation on the flame, can effectively inhibit the radiant heat ignition of other items, to prevent the spread of flame effect. The attenuation effect of water mist on radiation can also be used to protect firefighter's life.
4. dilution, emulsification, infiltration: large particles of large droplets will impact the impulse combustion surface, so that the combustion products get soaked, further to prevent solid combustible gas volatilization, and to prevent fire spreading to fire. In addition, high pressure water mist has the function of washing smoke, exhaust gas, emulsification and dilution of liquid, etc..

    Characteristics of high pressure water mist fire extinguishing system

Safety and environmental protection -- physical fire extinguishing with water as extinguishing agent, no damage or pollution to environment, objects and personnel in the reserve.

High efficiency fire extinguishing - cooling speed is 100 times faster than that of general spray system. High pressure water mist is penetrating, can solve the flood and occlusion, but also can prevent the resurgence of the fire.

Purification function - it can purify smoke and exhaust gas, and it is good for evacuation of personnel and fire-fighting and rescue work of fire fighters.

Shielding radiation heat - good shielding effect on thermal radiation, to prevent fire spread, and quickly control the effect of fire.

Water loss is small - the water consumption is only 1-5% of the water spraying system, which avoids the large amount of drainage damage to the equipment and the two pollution to the environment.

Good electrical insulation - can effectively save the fire of live equipment.

High reliability - after the system is installed, the system can be simulated and tested to increase the reliability of the system operation.

Long system life - pump, valve and pipe fittings are corrosion resistant materials, the system life can be as long as 30 (60) years.

Flexible preparation - can be used locally to protect a part of an independent facility or facility; protect the entire space as a fully submerged system.

Easy to install - compared to the traditional fire fighting system, the pipe diameter is small, only 10-32mm, so that the installation costs will be reduced accordingly.

Easy to maintain - only water as a fire extinguisher, in the standby state for atmospheric pressure, the daily maintenance workload and cost greatly reduced.

    Applicable range of high pressure water mist fire extinguishing system

High pressure single fluid mist fire extinguishing system is suitable for fighting fire hazards such as class A, class B, class C and electric fire. Because of its advanced fire fighting mechanism, its use is basically free from the restrictions of the place, and can be applied in land, sea and space. It is especially effective for the partial protection of the high dangerous situation and the protection of the confined space. Such as: military equipment, petrochemical industry, coal industry, medicine, food processing industry, ancient buildings, archives, commercial buildings, subways, tunnels, large vehicles, ships, aerospace, electronic industry, electric power, fire brigade and police etc..

    Schematic diagram of high pressure water mist fire extinguishing system

Main components: water mist fire extinguishing system includes equipment (high pressure) water mist pump group, high pressure ball valve (valve), seamless stainless steel pipe, sub control valve (valve area group), water mist nozzle (open nozzle, sprinkler nozzle), high-pressure spray gun box, mobile fire fighting equipment etc..

    High pressure main pump

Technical parameter: PAH80 series high pressure pump, the pump body is made of high quality stainless steel 316L material, the rated output flow of single pump is 112L/min, the rated working pressure is 16MPa, and the maximum working pressure is 22MPa. The pump takes water itself as the lubrication medium of the friction parts, without adding lubricating oil. The output flow of the whole pump set is shown in the following table:

Pump type

Rated output flow(L/min)/Pressure(MPa)

XSW-BZ 112/16-1×1 GH (PAH80-2)


XSW-BZ 224/16-2×1 GH


XSW-BZ 336/16-3×1 GH


XSW-BZ 448/16-4×1 GH


XSW-BZ 560/16-5×1 GH


XSW-BZ 672/16-6×1 GH


    Zone control valve: see below in kind


Technical parameter: this electric stop valve is made of high quality 316L stainless steel. It is mainly used in the high pressure water mist fire extinguishing district control valve box. The rated operating pressure of the valve is 16MPa, the operating temperature is 4~60 degrees centigrade, the working medium is water, and the operating voltage is AC220V/DC24V. For details, specifications and models, please refer to the following table:

Electric stop valve model

Rated operating pressure

XSW-FZ 15/10 GH


XSW-FZ 20/10 GH


XSW-FZ 25/10 GH


XSW-FZ 32/10 GH


XSW-FZ 40/10 GH


    Nozzle (open type, closed type), nozzle

Water mist open sprinkler
                                   Water mist closed sprinkler

Technical parameters: high pressure water mist nozzle is a number of atomizing nozzles (see above), installed according to a certain arrangement on the nozzle body, and can be divided into two forms: open nozzle and closed nozzle according to the mode of action.

Table 1 performance parameters of high pressure water mist open sprinkler

Sprinkler model
Discharge coefficient(K)

Rated pressure(MPa)

Rated flow(L/min)
XSW-T0.5/10 GH
XSW-T0.7/10 GH
XSW-T0.9/10 GH
XSW-T1.0/10 GH
XSW-T1.2/10 GH
XSW-T1.5/10 GH
XSW-T1.7/10 GH
XSW-T2.0/10 GH
XSW-T2.5/10 GH
XSW-T3.0/10 GH
XSW-T3.5/10 GH

Table 1 performance parameters of closed sprinkler for high pressure water mist

Sprinkler model
Discharge coefficient(K)
Rated pressure(MPa)
Rated flow(L/min)
Action temperature(℃)
XSW-T1.2/10-57℃∮2 GH

    High pressure water mist fire hydrant


Technical parameters: the fire hydrant box contains reels, 30M high-pressure hoses, spray guns, pressure gauges, high pressure ball valves, etc.. Model K=3.2, rated flow is 32L/min, rated working pressure 10MPa, spraying effective distance 6M.

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