Brazil nightclub fire victims were revised to 233 people

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Brazil nightclub fire victims were revised to 233 people
Source: Xinhua News Network Published: 2013/1/28

Brazil Southern Rio Grande state government on the 27th evening the nightclub fire caused the death toll from 245 people revised to 233 people. In addition, there are 106 wounded in the hospital for treatment.

The Rio de Janeiro State Public Security Office published 185 confirmed identity lists on its official website. At present, all the remains of the victims are placed in the Santa Maria City Sports Center gymnasium, the deceased identification work is being carried out, the state public security bureau will update the list of victims once a hour.

Brazilian President Roosevelt arrived in an international conference in Chile on the 27th, arrived in Santa Maria City in the afternoon, visited the hospital to visit the injured and condolences to the families of the victims. She also announced that she would hold a three-day national mourning for the victims of the incident.

On the morning of 27th, a serious fire in a nightclub called "Kiss" in the center of Santa Maria, causing the most tragic death toll in Brazil in the past 50 years.

Reported that the fire was caused by the fireworks show. There were more than 2,000 people in the nightclub. The number of deaths may also increase.

Brazilian nightclub fires Most of the dead die from suffocation

Local police said the current number of fire deaths is still in the statistics, has confirmed at least 200 people were killed. The police also said that the dead because of the smoke caused by the smoke suffocated, part of the deceased was in the process of escape by the crowd stampede and died. Commander in charge of fire fighting, Chino Mello, told the British Broadcasting Corporation that police and firefighters were still looking for casualties at the scene, and that the bodies were kept out of the nightclub.

"Now we are not sure how many people die in the end, we are still with the police to search for casualties," Merlot said: "We can see from the state of the deceased, suddenly caused the fire caused the crowd panic, Was trampled on.

Brazil fire 233 dead for college students security lock the door refused to release line

The reason is that the police are still investigating, but it is recognized that the primary reason is that the band singer violated the fireworks on the stage, which is clearly prohibited by the Brazilian law. It is because the spark of fireworks ignited the roof soundproof foam so that the fire spread quickly.

Second, the lack of emergency exit, it is understood that this can accommodate nearly 2,000 nightclubs only one entrance and an emergency exit, and no eye-catching light guide lead escape, so the rescue workers had to use tools in the wall hole people.

Third, the number of places too much, although there is no official number of the number of the venue, but the police that is likely to exceed the required number of people, because the survivors said the venue is very crowded, very difficult to escape when many people After the fall was trampled to death.

Fourth, and most critical point is that the relevant government departments lenient supervision, the nightclub business license in August last year has expired, but still in business, nightclubs fire extinguisher lighting equipment and emergency exit and other safety facilities have not passed the annual inspection, security Personnel lack of safety training, fire signs appear, they not only did not correctly guide customers to quickly escape, but also locked the door to ask customers to pay the fee to go, initially that this is a very important reason.

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