Harbin bus was burned into empty space

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At 8:10 on the 28th, in the city of Nangang District, Harbin, near the junction of Yixing Road and Yue Hing Street, a 107 bus at the terminal fire, although the fighting, and ultimately was burned empty. The bus did not run, no casualties.

According to the witnesses Mr. Gao introduced, when the park stopped at the roadside bus suddenly smoke, and then began to burn, he called the police. The fleet dispatch indoor more than a dozen drivers armed fire extinguishers rushed out together to fire, because the fire spread too fast, more than 20 fire extinguishers did not control the fire. To help the fire, and the public borrowed from the nearby shovel shovel snow to the car up, but the fire is too big until the fire fighters rushed to the fire extinguished.

Reporters learned from the dispatcher, the reasons for the fire is not clear, the bus operating time about 3 years, every day routine check. At present, the cause of vehicle fire is under further investigation.

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